Give managers and supervisors the knowledge and skills they need to manage health and safety within their teams. Also takes participants through the essential steps in effective health and safety management, from identifying and assessing risks and developing control methodologies, to understanding personal and corporate responsibilities. Upon successful completion of the course and assessment, students are awarded a Managing Safely certificate from IOSH – the world’s largest health and safety membership organisation.

Why choose the B SAFE SAFETY for IOSH In DUBAI, UAE?

We are one of the UAE’s leading health and safety organisations

Our tutors are experts in health and safety and are excellent teachers

Learning is student-centered and interactive

Study skills and examination techniques are embedded throughout

The course is arranged into seven modules

  1. Introducing managing safely
  2. Understanding your responsibilities
  3. Identifying hazards
  4. Assessing risks
  5. Controlling risks
  6. Investigating accidents and incidents
  7. Measuring performance.


There is an end-of-course assessment made up of 30 multi-format questions. There’s also a work-based risk assessment task to be completed end of the course.

Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Describe the key reasons to manage health and safety in the workplace
  • Define the key terms relating to health and safety
  • Identify how the law can have an impact on health and safety in the workplace 
  • Describe how to assess, reduce and control risk in the workplace
  • Identify workplace hazards and risks, assess their impact and how to manage them
  • Identify how to evaluate and respond to an incident
  • List the characteristics and benefits of an effective health and safety management system
  • Describe the principles that underpin good health and safety performance.

Course Duration – 22 Hours (3 Days)

The three-day course is delivered in a well-equipped training centre.

Why B SAFE training centre for IOSH in Dubai, UAE?

Face-to-face courses have the highest pass rates

Focused study away from workplace distractions

Expert teaching by an experienced tutor

Tutor support for individual learners

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