Window Cradle

What is a window cradle?

Suspended access equipment such as suspended cradle is a common form of access for external window cleaning and external façade maintenance for many tall buildings. Use of this type of equipment is one of the safest ways to clean windows and metals of buildings

Suspended access equipment (SAE) refers to equipment, machinery, platforms, or other devices (including all rigging and components) that are suspended by support lines and are used by workers to gain access to the sides or high-angle surfaces of buildings or structures

What are the common types of window cradle?

The access systems are divided into two categories: Temporary Suspended Platform systems (TSP) and Building Maintenance Unit systems (BMU).

TSPs are typical rental machines that are brought to a construction site and then taken away after the job is done, whereas BMUs are designed specifically for one building/project and permanently installed for this purpose.

BMU with platform mounded hoist shall be provided with wire winders to store the suspension and safety ropes with guards that allow their operation to the visually monitored management of the power cable by means of a storage compartments or other means is to be considered.


Type of Roof Mounted Trolley Units


Traversing roof cars

When we speak about a traversing roof car we mean a roof car that is designed to move around the roof of a building over a customized rail track. This is made possible by its motorized undercarriage.

Telescopic roof cars

Most of our proposed roof cars have telescopic jibs to reach all parts of a facade.

Fixed roof cars

A fixed roof car is placed at a fixed position on the roof and has a traversing jib to span the building or a certain region of the building.


Types of monorail BMU cradles



External monorail BMU cradle

The hanging rail BMU cradle is widely used for buildings with parapet of some carrying capacity, with hooded roof structure or complex and unique shape, or for occasions where it's difficult to set up the rail or the cost is high. This equipment has features of stable walking, accurate positioning, convenient operation and high degree of automation.

Internal monorail BMU cradle

Internal suspension trolleys travel along a monorail with either manual or motorized trolleys, usually at the top of the building and BMU cradle can be lowed to the required level for access to the façade. It is usually the only option when there is a limited roof space in the building.

Types of TSP (Temporary suspended platform)

This type of temporary suspended platform easy to assemble and dismantling all around the building for delighted location.

Multideck platform

Can be a TSP or BMU depending upon the location and nature of the task.

Suspended chair

Can be a TSP or BMU depending upon the location and nature of the task.

Why Window Cradle Inspection is Impotent

 Identify the risks involved with window cleaning, choose the right For windows that are more difficult to reach the use of specialist access equipment will be necessary equipment (SAE) e.g cradles and Building Maintenance Units that it is properly installed, inspected, maintained and safe to use.

Documentation and Reporting

Upon the completion of the window cradle inspection an initial test report will be issued providing detailed information about the window cradle and all the findings. If any the result of the inspection will be mentioned clearly of any defect and remark found the site engineer will be notified about the problem and instructed on how to fix it in order to pass the inspection.

Later on a safety certificate will be issued carrying the B Safe Safety Stamp our certificates and initial reports are made to be easy to understand, simplicity and accuracy are our aim when it comes to certification and documentation.

B Safe Safety is an authorized body for analysis, inspection, and certification service in UAE.