Personal Protective Equipment Inspection​

What are Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment, henceforth referred to as PPE, are wearable equipment or clothing designed to protect the user from hazards.

Where do we need to use PPE

PPE is generally used when an individual is present in a dangerous environment, this could mean working at heights, working in construction sites, or even doing mountaineering.

Is it necessary to inspect PPE?

Yes it is. Providing uninspected PPE is very dangerous and could be lethal for the user, in case of any failure.

Some commonly found PPE are Safety helmets, safety harnesses, ascenders & descenders, energy absorbers, lanyards, connectors & slings, ropes & pulleys.

As per EIAC list of Mandatory Scope – Regulation No. 02 issued under 2010, PPE should be inspected by an EIAC Accredited Inspection Body.

At B Safe Safety, we are EIAC accredited to inspect all the PPE mentioned above, this can ensure you the PPE are safe to use, having our certificate can ensure the safety of the employees as well as deter any liability in case of misuse from the user.

Documentation & Reporting.

Upon the completion of the PPE inspection, an initial test report will be issued directly at the site, providing detailed information about the inspected equipment as well as all the findings, if any.The

result if the inspection will be mentioned clearly, and in case of any defect/remark found, the site engineer will be notified about the damaged equipment to discard.

Later on a safety certificate will be issued carrying the B Safe Safety stamp, our certificates and initial reports are made to be easy to understand, simplicity and accuracy are our aim when it comes to certification and documentation.

B Safe Safety is an authorized body for analysis, inspection, and certification services in UAE.

Booking and inquires.

Here at B Safe Safety, we ensure the PPE undergoing our safety inspection are safe to use by the workers.

We adhere to local requirements and regulations without compromising our thought out flexibility, this ensures that you will evade any issues with the local authorities so long you have obtained our certification.

We are known for our competitive pricing, flexible scheduling, and punctual timings, for any requests or inquires do not hesitate to contact us.